About us

We are a producer of unique devices for cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

We create multifunctional treatment platforms that can support various types of advanced technologies: innovative HIFU-4D for ultra-therapy treatments, Nd: Yag lasers with nano, pico and millisecond work systems, E-light and E-SHR lasers for hair removal and photorejuvenation, fractional bipolar and micro-needle radiofrequency for spectacular elimination of cellulite and stretch marks.

Our devices are designed to meet the unique needs of doctors and cosmetologists. Clinics that decide to purchase the device will receive ready-made tools to facilitate their work: equipment with safe and effective devices, professional vocational training that guarantees compliance with high treatment standards, implementation of innovative treatment methods, advice on the selection of equipment and assistance in financing investments.

Factory equipment „LASER HI-TECH”

inż. Zbigniew Karol Głogowski

CEIDG NIP: 5220151471


Address: 05-090 Falenty Nowe, ul. Rozbrat 15, POLAND

tel: +48 502339374, 516829223

e-mail: laser@laser3000.pl